A wide variety of wellness products

In the Savon Bien Être internet shop, you can find a selection of quality cosmetic products, made in France, around Marseille (with the exception of Aleppo soaps from the city of the same name, in Syria).

Discover among others the real traditional Marseille Soaps, both in cubes and in liquid,organic Donkey Milk Soaps,a wide range of scented Soaps of Provence,or Black Soaps and Stain Remover Soaps.

For body care, you can complete your choice of shower gels, shampoos, body milks, deodorants and high quality toilet waters.

Many benefits for you

Marseille Soap,known for its many virtues, has multiple uses: it takes care of sensitive skin for the toilet (recommended by dermatologists), it gently washes delicate laundry (especially for babies), it is an effective stain remover, it keeps moths away (with a slice hung in a piece of furniture), relieves cramps and can even be used as toothpaste.

For the whole household at home, the ideal product is the Black Soap. It cleans and removes grease stains, makes floors shine, can detach linens, tablecloths or towels, but can also be used for windows.

As for Aleppo Soap,surgras, it will allow you tomoisturize your skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. It can also be used as a face mask, shaving foam or shampoo.